About two years ago the first of the Orcs arrived in some of the lower areas of the mountains. Scout troops discovered the remnants of a recent camp, followed tracks, and found a few orcs attempting to set up a larger encampment in one of the abandoned Diamond Mines. As orcs hadn’t been seen in the mountains for more than twenty years this was considered an oddity, a one time incursion by a group of overly aggressive orcs.

A few months later another band of orcs attacked a scout team, killing all but two of them, in a coordinated attack. The scouts proclaimed that there were more than forty orcs, though when troops were sent to the area where the attack occurred they found nothing but the bodies of the dead dwarves and one dead orc, whose head had been removed from its body. According to the scouts the orcs must have done that themselves as none of the scouts remembered any of their members decapitating an orc during the battle.

More recently goblins and kobolds have been found, in ever increasing numbers, in the abandoned mines, much closer to the city than anyone is comfortable with.

The Queen’s advisers pored through their dusty tomes and discovered that some ancient prophecies might be coming true. The problem was that the real information they needed had been abandoned years ago in the upper reaches of the mountain, where a group of dwarven astrologers had built a telescope to study the stars.

The astrologers had kept a few pages of prophecies that had to do with the stars and the moon, possibly comets and meteors crashing to the planet, but when the astrologers abandoned their job (for various reasons) those scrolls were left behind.


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