Dolmen Skandalor

Dwarven Thieves' Guild contact


Recognizable for his bald head and long, brown beard, Dolmen has always been known as one with high stamina. He’s famous in the guild for having completed six jobs in five days, robbing nobles in a human settlement north of the Mountains. He rarely works against dwarves, and then only if he feels they’ve betrayed the kingdom.

He has no formal education, but can read and write passably. His most notable, non-thieving talent is that he draws beautifully. He needs glasses, but is too proud to admit it, and he tends to squint. He gets blustery if this is pointed out to him.

He dates one of the serving girls at the local tavern, and has for a long time. He demands respect from those beneath him and shows it to those above him. He is overpoweringly interested in wealth, however, and could possibly be manipulated to act against his normal nature for the right price.


Dolmen Skandalor

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