Sgt. Brutus Ironfist

Burly leader of Badger Squad


Brutus is 224 years old, with a shorn head, and a thick, muscular build. His hand was wounded as a young soldier, requiring him to wear an iron glove at all times, which is where his name came from.


Brutus has long been a fixture in the Dwarven Army, and has several times refused promotion, preferring to remain in a more active capacity. His birth name is unknown, and it is suspected his family may have been either criminals, or traitors to the throne, long since kicked out of Diamondpoint. As a young soldier he proved himself time and again, and after wounding his hand and being forced to wear an iron gauntlet he took the name Ironfist as his new family name.

Brutus has been trying to get his superiors to give him a strike team since the troubles started in the mines down below, and he has finally been granted his wish, meaning either his superiors are finally starting to agree that something is happening outside the mountain that they should be concerned about, or they’ve decided to humor the old sergeant in an effort to get him to stop harassing them.

Sgt. Brutus Ironfist

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